Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. John Hughes, D.O. is an osteopathic doctor who has also been classically trained as a medical physician. He practices integrative medicine, which he understands to incorporate the best of all medicine that addresses the primary mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical cause of disease. Dr. Hughes’ goal is to address the health of whole person and instead of only one symptom. His areas of interest include the following practices:

Nutritional Medicine


Nutritional medicine includes nutritional supplementation and dietary advice.

Nutritional supplementation is necessary for many individuals due to the depletion of nutrients in foods due to cooking, modern agricultural practices, food additives, pesticides, and distance from the ocean.  Dr. Hughes understands that many diseases result from a deficiency in a food nutrient or mineral rather than, of course, a drug deficiency.  Often instead of prescribing a particular drug, Dr. Hughes attempts to understand what nutrient might be missing from an individual’s diet or environment.  Whenever possible, Dr. Hughes recommends concentrated whole food nutritional supplements and live superfoods from companies such as Standard Process.

Dietary advice goes hand in hand with nutritional supplementation.  Dr. Hughes bases his nutritional approach upon the work of Westin Price, DDS and the Price-Pottenger Foundation, with a goal of helping patients eat in a healthful, intuitive, and enjoyable way that is similar to their primitive ancestors and other primates.

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Heavy Metal Testing/Detoxification

Heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, nickel, and tungsten are abundant in human environments.  Today’s human bone contains 1000x more lead than humans 100 years ago.  Dental fillings are so full of mercury that if one were left in a 10 acre lake, it would violate EPA standards for that lake.  No human or mammal has escaped the burden of these heavy metals—a toxicity often associated with neurological disorders, infections, chronic fatigue, or chronic pain.  Dr. Hughes utilizes provocative urine testing to analyze the toxic heavy metal burden by each patient.  He then offers oral or IV chelation therapy as necessary to detoxify patients from these metals.

Here’s a great video about heavy metal toxicity.

Botanical medicine Botanical medicine is simply the appropriate, intelligent use of herbal therapies to assist with human ailments. Some examples of these therapies include herbals that assist with heavy metal removal, detoxification, energy, and vitality. Click here to read more research behind the use of EDTA for heavy metal detoxification.

IV Nutrition
IV therapies are very effective for assisting patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, after surgery, having a chronic disease, needing immune support, or athletic enhancement.  IV therapies such as Myer’s cocktail, Vitamin C, EDTA, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone are excellent for enhancing oxygenation, immunity, detoxification, and regeneration at the cellular and intracellular levels.
Supplement and Medication Review
Trained as medical physician, Dr. Hughes reviews each patient’s medications and supplements and offers 1st and 2nd opinions about what pills might be most helpful for each patient’s condition.  Dr. Hughes’ believes that particular lifestyle changes along with proper nutritional medicine with can help many patients reduce or sometimes eliminate some of their medications.  Dr. Hughes can and will prescribe medications when necessary.
Immune Support
Hand in hand with the prevention and support of chronic disease, Dr. Hughes provides patients with immune system support.  The “immune system” might be better described as the psycho-neuro-endocrinine-immune system due to the fact that it is impossible to separate the functions of all of these systems.  Dr. Hughes uses such an understanding to address acute or longstanding infections, chronic diseases, skin disorders, or other conditions.  Dr Hughes believes that many infections can be avoided by creating a strong immune system.  And, when infections do occur, Dr. Hughes believes many can be treated in a sustainable way, without resorting to high-powered pharmaceuticals.
Bio-oxidative Medicine


Oxidative therapies include use of ozone at EPA approved low levels to purify the air or water, as enema treatments, skin treatment, by injection, or blood exposure.  Ozone, while popularly known to form a protective layer in the upper atmosphere, also serves as a natural substance in the body made by antibodies.  Ozone is administered rectally, dissolved in olive oil, by ear insulflation, or by injection.  Ozone, when administered at low doses, is known to have a powerful antimicrobial effect, healing, and energizing effect upon the body as it speeds metabolic processes and allowing the blood to carry more oxygen.  It is reported that Lance Armstrong used ozone to assist in his Tour de France rides.  Ozone can be effective at supporting the body with infections, diverticulitis, eye disease, asthma, cancer, or cardiovascular disease.* Dr. Hughes never recommends breathing ozone or using ozone in the blood at levels greater than EPA standards.

*Results may vary; no guarantee of specific results

Hyperbaric medicine is another very potent way to utilize oxygen to address nonhealing wounds, radiation osteonecrosis, TIA, diabetic wounds, neurological challenges, and acute or chronic pain conditions.  Dr. Hughes works closely with the HBO team at the Colorado Center for Hyperbaric Medicine to provide world-class treatment for the above conditions.


Environmental Medicine
Environmental medicine is simply the awareness that the health of the ecosystems that humans inhabit is inseparable from the health that humans enjoy.  Wikepedia states the basic assumption of environmental medicine quite clearly, “health is more widely and dramatically affected by environmental toxins than recognized…” by the general media and public.  Most practices of environmental medicine are aimed at eliminating or reducing human exposure to carcinogens and other toxins such as DDT, chlorine, pesticides, radiation, heavy metals, and noxious chemicals often found in air, water, food, and households utilized by humans.  As an environmental medicine practitioner, Dr. Hughes shares his awareness of the toxins in human ecosystems to help patients suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities, heavy metal poisoning, pesticide use, etc.
Food Allergy Testing/Elimination
Food allergies are often the source of skin disease, sinusitis, chronic fatigue, constipation, or irritable bowels.  Dr. Hughes administers ALCAT food allergy/sensitivity testing.  ALCAT is a full service lab devoted to helping patients identify and eliminate any food allergies. Most insurance plans will cover ALCAT testing as well as a follow up nutritional consult where patients learn dietary measures to have more health and vitality.
Chronic Disease Support

Many patients labeled with a chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, or neurological disorder benefit from regular supervision by Dr. Hughes as well as their primary physician or specialist.  Dr. Hughes uses typical medical reasoning and a holistic perspective to understand what else might be the root source of a chronic illness.  Dr. Hughes will subsequently provide oral or IV nutrition or pharmaceutical support as necessary to aid patients in recovery from a particular type of disorder.